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The Coup- "WAVIP" (feat. Das Racist and Killer Mike)

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A veritable political hip hop pow wow takes place on"WAVIP," the latest track to drop from the Coup's forthcoming LP, Sorry to Bother You. Featuring the forceful flow of Killer Mike, the musings of Kool A.D. and Heems of Das Racist, and of course, the drawl of Boots Riley, the track functions on two levels. Lyrically, the emcees spit populist mantras (e.g. Riley suggests the residents of Whoville take revenge on the Grinch by slitting his throat), shifting in tone with each pass of the mic. Musically, the beat serves to lighten the track, buoying the song from getting excessively weighty with its dirty, funky synth and punchy drums. Creating a politically-charged song that doesn't drown in its own sentiment is a difficult task, but the Coup succeed with fine guest emcees who stay on topic.