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The Daredevil Christopher Wright- "A Man of the Arts"

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A track from the Daredevil Christopher Wright, which comes from a new 7" split with Cuddle Magic.

Despite the daring and self-absorbed name, this Wisconsin trio is actually not a man named Christopher Wright who fancies himself as a daredevil--ironically or not. The band is actually fronted by brothers Jon and Jason Sunde along with percussionist Jesse Edgington, and on this new track, "A Man of the Arts," there's a really chilling quality to the song's deadpan vocals and slow progression. A "thuddy" bassline plods along against some shy guitars and some eerie whistles that just perfectly capture the fall weather we're in the midst of at the moment.

Hear more from the Daredevil on Bandcamp.

With that out of the way, there's pretty chilling