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The Haiduks- 1968

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The Haiduks is a project lead by Christian Richter, who also runs independent label Kinnta Records and is a member of the group Soft Mirage. 1968 is The Haiduks' new album, which was released in September by way of Richter's label. Above, stream the release via The Haiduks' Bandcamp.

1968 is a relatively direct callback to 1960's psychedelic pop, but that doesn't mean it isn't interesting. The songwriting on the LP is developed enough to keep it from feeling like an undercooked revivalist release, and from a sonic standpoint, it is fleshed out with both lush instrumentation--check out, for example, the gorgeous flue solo on "Weeping Willow"--and a warm analog production quality. It is easy to be skeptical about music that feels so wrapped up in a long-gone era, but when it is as well-executed as this record, cynicism becomes a challenging mentality to maintain.