The Needle Drop

Amenra- "Nowena I 9.10"

VideosNicholas Kindrachuk2 Comments

Some very intense and haunting sludge metal here from Belgium's Amenra.

I really cannot stress enough just how haunting this song is. The vocals are filled with a sort of furious pain that sounds so distant like it is being sucked up by the instrumentation, but not in such a way that it feels drowned out due to the mixing. While the music provides a tension that feels unparalleled with a progression that reminds me of Mogwai the tension is somehow furthered by the visuals. The video is a bizarre clay stop motion piece that will be in my dreams for quite a while from the creepy clay figures to the actual content of the video itself. Tense and painful are the two main thoughts I associate with this track and it is done very well.