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Beak>- "Mono"

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It's been quite the productive year for Geoff Barrow. While he hasn't been working on the fourth Portishead album that music nerds everywhere would sell their souls to see realized, 2012 did see the release of Quakers, the debut album of his mercurial hip hop endeavor, and >>, the criminally overlooked sophomore album of Beak>, his krautrock project and current creative focus. Maintaining his prolific output, Barrow and his stalwart crew of krautrock revivalists have a new single entitled "Mono," a masterful bit of progressive pop that would earn the praise of both Damo Suzuki and Paul McCartney.

Opening with splendid synth tones, the track wastes no time in entering a tight motorik drum beat bolstered by an infinitely catchy bassline as fluid as quicksilver. In a remarkable display of meticulously honed songcraft, every element of the song locks together to create a propulsive demon of a tune, positively breakneck in its dynamism. Most impressive of all though is bassist Billy Fuller's athleticism as he delivers the bass so crucial in providing the song's drive and melodic memorability. With the addition of a spacey breakdown for added spice, Beak> create a song with undeniable stylistic roots to the past, but through adept songwriting and execution, also has the strength to stand by krautrock's greatest achievements.

Beak>'s "Mono" single is slated for release on December 10th through Invada Records.