The Needle Drop

Hanz- A Made Bear At Peace

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

Electronic producer Hanz is dishing out beats that incorporate samples in a startlingly seamless way adding to his already monstrous and unique sound.

Hanz has definitely made a name for himself in my eyes with these productions. They are so unlike anything I have ever heard in this genre and the vast array of sounds he is able to cover is nearly incomprehensible for me and my ears. These are some truly creative and appealing productions that I hope an equally talented MC gets behind and does something special with. There is a great amount of variety from song to song yet it doesn't fall into the territory of some tracks being far to dense for their own good, each has a cohesive theme that rides throughout all of the layering and progressive switches. This is truly an innovative beat maker at his best and the scary thing is he could still improve from here.