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Mesita- "XYXY"

New Musicalleyborg1 Comment

A menagerie of precisely placed sounds dance in divine sequence on Mesita's new single, "XYXY." A creature of constant flux, the song opens with a beautiful string and horn passage before locking into a tight groove of punchy drums and bass synth stabs. It's in this  section where Mesita (a.k.a. James Cooley) sings about living life as a closeted homosexual, the confusion and the pain of having to hide who he really was, in unabashed sincerity. Punctuating every chorus to great effect, the song quickly shifts to somber piano, resulting in a dynamic song great for dancing to, but also a powerful musical confession. The song follows this pattern of rigid dance sections and effecting softer moments until about halfway through when the drums and the piano join together, spotlighting the effectiveness of the drum pattern and the delicate beauty of the piano. With its ability to move both the heart and the feet, Mesita's "XYXY" is definitely a rare breed of song, but also a song that countless numbers of people can relate to.