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Sidewalk Dave- "2k Girls"

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"2k Girls" is the opening track to the latest album from Connecticut's own Sidewalk Dave. The New Haven singer-songwriter has greatly improved the presentation of his music on this latest collection of tracks with some heavier production, and a impressively skilled backing band. Dave, though, has remained the same; crooning his way through his romantic triumphs and failures.

With this particular track, Dave admits to being with about two-thousand girls; however, he doesn't sound that happy revealing this information. The emotional hardship ends up coming full circle when he paints himself as his "father's mistake." It seems Dave is just playing his part in a vicious cycle of bastardization.

The emotional potency of the song is brought even higher with falsetto background vocals soaring mournfully over some explosive guitars.

Dave's latest album can be streamed in full here. The title is Hard On Romance, and it can be procured via the Telegraph Recording Company.