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Download This Free Arsis EP

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Download: Arsis- Lepers Caress Arsis are the next artists in line to have Scion put out another free EP for streaming and downloading. Scion has already put out some stellar stuff in recent years, ranging from Magrudergrind to Immolation. With Lepers Caress, we just might have one of the best releases of the bunch. Virginia melodic, technical death metallers Arsis return to form with a much less glam-influenced sound than their previous LP. Throw in your textbook fretboard-wizardry from mastermind James Malone as well as a redone version of one of the band's first--and most underrated--songs, "Veil of Mourning Black," and you have the makings of one hell of a 19-minute listen. Hell, it's free! Why would you not check this out?!

Thanks, Kit!