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Cakes Da Killa - The Eulogy

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Between MCs like Le1f and Mykki Blanco, there's a lot of gender bending going on in hip hop right now, which is great from a societal aspect. I'm pretty excited to see lines like homosexuality being crossed, but I personally think Mykki and Le1f spit with a lotta forgettable lyrics and weak flows. They're flamboyant and fashionable, which makes their exploits fun to follow, but I think there's something missing in terms of lyricism and flow.

That's exactly where a guy like Cakes Da Killa pleases. His flow on the track "Goodie Goodies" is so quick and effective, I think most straight rap listeners might even lose track of the fact the song is essentially an exercise in homosexual peacocking. Also, I've gotta mention that the dude rides some of the gnarliest, busiest beats I've heard on a hip hop album in a while. The instrumentals on this new tape feature intense trap, footwork, and juke beats. There are loads of strange vocal effects and pitch shifts on the hooks that are really disorienting--especially on a track like "Fuck Ya Boifriend."

Of course, I expect some of the messages to offend hetero rap fans, but if you're that easily offended, you shouldn't be listening to hip hop anyway.