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The Flaming Lips - "Sun Blows Up Today" (LOVED)

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The enigmatic Flaming Lips have dropped a new track today titled "Sun Blows Up Today" in an effort to hype up the release of their forthcoming LP, the Terror. Right now, the album is looking at an April 2nd release date, and this song attached to the lyric video above is actually going to be appearing in a Hyundai commercial video during the Superbowl. However, the song doesn't exactly scream the words "buy, buy, buy." I suppose it's extremely upbeat mood could be a pretty good foundation for an advertisement.

Commercial or no commercial, the song is pretty intriguing. The Flaming Lips have been getting weirder and weirder in their sonic experiments lately, and this song is no different in that respect. The song manages to be pleasingly poppy--as well as blissfully stupid--while riding on some hectic and noisy waves of muffled synths and guitars. The "solo" is pretty eyebrow-raising, too.