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Desaparecidos - "Anonymous" / "The Left Is Right"

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Stream: Desaparecidos - "Anonymous" / "The Left Is Right" Conor Oberst's post-hardcore band Desaparecidos made its return after a ten-year hiatus last year with the "Backsell / MariKKKopa" single, a pair of songs that criticized the music industry and the attitude many anti-immigration activists hold, respectively. The group is now back again with another single, "Anonymous / The Left Is Right," which can be streamed via the SoundCloud widget above.

The single continues down the lyrically passionate road of the band's previous single, this time speaking out in support of both the Anonymous "hacktivist" group and the Occupy Movement. Certain lyrics play out as rallying cries, such as the "You can't stop us, we are Anonymous/ Expect us, we are Anonymous!" of the A-side. The music matches the galvanizing words, with anthemic vocal melodies, soaring guitar leads, and an urgent punk energy defining both tracks. It is far from being a subtle set of songs, but respectable in its forgoing of restraint.