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Kurt Vile - "Wakin on a Pretty Day"

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Following 2011's Smoke Ring for My Halo, Philadelphia singer-songwriter Kurt Vile will release Wakin on a Pretty Daze, his fifth full-length LP. Set to be put out via Matador Records, the record is looking at an April 9 release date. Above, stream the album's opening track, "Wakin on a Pretty Day."

"Wakin on a Pretty Day" takes its time, spanning a hefty nine-minute running time, but it isn't flat. Rather, the song rides the easygoing vibe that emanates from pleasant clean guitar chords, light percussion, and Kurt's smooth voice for the bulk of the song, building the dynamic on an ever so gradual incline. The first climax arrives with a breezy yet lively guitar solo near the middle of the song; the second half of the track follows a similar formula as the first, leading laid back verses into a guitar solo payoff, but with a subtle increase in energy. It's a testament to Kurt's knack for writing music with a deceptively lazy aesthetic.