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Stream: Prurient - Through The Window

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Stream: Prurient - Through The Window Prurient is the noisy, experimental, and mind-bending musical project of Dominick Fernow. The guy is as difficult as he is prolific, which adds another layer of difficulty when it comes to wrapping your head around exactly what makes his approach to discord so captivating.

The last Purient album to really stop listeners in their tracks was 2011's Bermuda Drain. Of course, Fernow has been dropping material since then, but what made Bermuda stick out was its change of pace for Prurient--I'm sure its release on Hydra Head helped, too. Bermuda's consistent beats, eerie synths, and a chilling post-punk vibes were a surprise to some, but not those who saw Fernow's connections to the band Cold Cave.

This new release of Purient's seems to be heading down a more composed road as well, and features driving beats, ambient noise, spacey synths, lengthy tracks, and light drones. Give a listen, get that mind altered.