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Thee Oh Sees - "Minotaur"

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San Francisco garage rock band Thee Oh Sees is anything but slow-paced when it comes to releasing new material. Checking in with at least one and often two full-length albums per year for the past few years, the group is continuing their streak with a new release on April 16, an LP titled Floating Coffin. The record's final track, "Minotaur," is currently available to stream above.

"Minotaur" sees Thee Oh Sees further exploring the rough-around-the-edges sound they create via fuzzy guitars, garage-influenced percussion, and raw but not punishingly lo-fi production. A sonic addition such as the subtle yet well-orchestrated strings is successful, as are frontman John Dwyer's vocals, which straddle sung and spoken delivery with a charming sense of ease. The song's seemingly carefree nature is complemented by its assured songwriting, which progresses it forward effectively. It is this developed composition which lends the track an element of maturity that separates Thee Oh Sees from the hundreds of amateur indie rock bands shooting after a similar style of music.