The Needle Drop

Bill Ryder-Jones - "He Took You In His Arms"


With a past that includes being the lead guitarist of UK indie rock band The Coral and later a film score composer, Bill Ryder-Jones isn't exactly new to the music scene. His next album, however, feels like a debut in some senses, for although it is technically his second solo foray, it differs significantly from 2011's If..., which was written on the premise of being an "imaginary film score." The sophomore A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart, if its lead single is any indication, is decidedly more oriented in singer-songwriter leanings. Titled "He Took You In His Arms," the track doesn't abandon Jones' background as a composer and an arranger, but it is ultimately much more focused on a relatively traditional approach to songwriting. His hushed vocals are met by simple yet appropriate piano rock instrumentation, which build especially nicely under him as he repeats the title refrain near the end of the song. "He Took You In His Arms" is fairly straightforward, but it feels earnest, demonstrating the emphasis Jones places on emotional communication over surface-level complexity.

Watch the video for "He Took You In His Arms" above via YouTube, and look for A Bad Wind Blows My Heart on April 8 by way of Domino Records.