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Drake - "5AM In Toronto"

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Drake's next full-length has got to be one of the most hotly anticipated hip hop releases of 2013, and I have to admit that applies to me as well. While I wasn't in love with Drake's last album, Take Care, I did think it was an overall improvement to his rapping, singing, songwriting, production, and style.

However, let's be honest here: "From The Bottom" was not one of Drake's better tracks. The beat and flow was a change of pace, but that doesn't mean it was good, ya know?

If anything, the track was an appetizer for this new cut: "5AM In Toronto". If this track proves anything, it's that Drake's success and extravagant lifestyle hasn't let him get complacent. Instead, he seems more determined than ever to expose his copycats, reach higher, and even put his more emotional side on hold.

It's a song with an aggressive attitude, which Drake pulls off well despite having issues with being taken seriously when he goes that route in the past--I will say this, though: the detailed and epic production helps.

Here's a review for Drake's Take Care: