The Needle Drop

Kvelertak - "Månelyst"


Following 2011's self-titled debut, Norway's Kvelertak will release their sophomore LP, titled Meir, on March 26th via Roadrunner Records. Above, stream the video for album cut "Månelyst."

As it was properly introduced by their eponymous record, Kvelertak specializes in a metal/punk crossover brand which bears a potent rock'n'roll energy. Such an aesthetic has not been abandoned on "Månelyst," which utilizes galvanizing vocals, fist-pumping grooves, busy guitar solos, and driving riffs to create a pummeling yet fun-loving atmosphere. The Fredrick Hana-directed video mirrors this effectively, splicing together a series of horror clips that sometimes veer into endearing camp. If nothing else, the video is commendable for its representation of Kvelertak's juxtaposition of heaviness against a party-friendly attitude.