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Rustie - "Triadzz"

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The latest offering from currently hot topic Rustie is a single titled "Slasherr," which saw its release on Monday via Numbers. We heard the A-side, a couple of weeks ago, and the B-side is now available as well. Listen to "Triadzz" above via Rustie's SoundCloud.

Rustie has proven to be one of the most significant players in the recent surge of trap-influenced electronic dance music, and rightfully so. The producer's approach bears the colorful, immediate, and danceable mark which is shared by his contemporaries, but also possesses a distinctive personality and level of detail which elevates him beyond many such peers. "Triadzz" is no exception, pairing triumphant synthesizer melodies and galvanizing percussion with his typically vibrant aesthetic and quirky samples. Perhaps the strongest trait of "Triadzz" is its demonstration of Rustie's knack for not only building anticipation, but making it pay off; when "Triadzz" establishes a "drop," the climax feels neither cheap nor underwhelming, instead carrying momentum with tasteful yet unrestrained passages of high-powered euphoria. As trap has been growing increasingly more ubiquitous, Rustie makes the proper associations with the movement, but ultimately maintains his own voice.