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Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire

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Hailing from New Zealand, Beastwars is a four-piece metal band specializing in the sludge variety and incorporating doom and stoner influences as well. Their sophomore LP is titled Blood Becomes Fire, and the first half of it is available to stream above via their Bandcamp, where you can also purchase it in its entirety.

Beastwars' mission statement is simple: "obey the riff." It's a statement that certainly defines Blood Becomes Fire, which employs its guitar and bass to emphasize chugging, rumbling lines over thudding albeit somewhat sparse percussion. Atop these riffs is vocalist Matt Hyde's versatile voice, which can range from melodic and subdued to soaring and gritty. What these elements combine to create is straightforward yet assured, a testament to the potential power of focusing on one basic maxim.