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Blu - "Vex'd" Prod. Lee Bannon

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With some colorful production from up-and-coming producer Lee Bannon, West Coast rapper Blu has a new track out titled "Vex'd," which is easily one of the most driven tracks that I've heard from the guy since the botched release of 2011's No York--recently, the album did get a proper release on Nature Sounds, though. On top of it, this track is pretty much a rework of one of the tracks from that album.

Blu's verbiage is still feeling pretty abstract, esoteric, and disjointed via his newfound approach to spitting bars. There's loads of zany vocal snippets and effects littered all over the track as well. Say what you will about Blu, but Bannon continues to step his game up and show some real versatility in his beats.

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