The Needle Drop

Letherette - "D&T"


The self-titled debut album from English duo Letherette is a colorful trip through a dusty, sample-driven take on house music and instrumental hip hop. "D&T" is a prime representation of the album's house roots, placing groove-laden drums under infectiously sliced vocal snippets and similarly chopped synthesizer bits. The aesthetic is one of its most appealing aspects, favoring an endearingly analog quality rather than venturing into overproduced sheen. When the song eventually peaks with a soaring guitar solo, its melding of the past and present comes fully into fruition, and with it is one of Letherette's greatest strengths: the ability to inject the appeal of old-school sounds into a fresh and modern take on house and beat music.

Look for Letherette via esteemed electronic label Ninja Tune Records.