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Survival - "Tragedy of the Mind"

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Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix seems to be embarking upon a more solo-oriented musical journey as Liturgy's next album is yet to be released. While that's a bit of a personal disappointment, this new project, Survival, might sit a little better with those who were turned off by Liturgy's fast, abrasive black metal style.

While Survival still takes away a lot from metal music, the riffs and vocals feel a bit more toned down. CoS accurately compares the track streaming above to something Alice In Chains if Layne Staley were a bit more timid.

Though the recording isn't exactly bright and pummeling, the riffs and grooves are there. I have no doubt that survival has the potential to be interesting.

Look for Survival's self-titled debut on May 14th via Thrill Jockey.