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Chris Cappello - Could Be Bitter Forever

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Chris Cappello is a young singer-songwriter from New Haven, Connecticut who I've known for a minute now. In fact, he used to intern for The Needle Drop not too long ago, and appeared in a few videos as well. However, don't expect this to be some glowing, biased blog post telling you to throw your money at this soon-to-be Yale student. Maybe the following paragraph or two will be more embarrassing than anything. I'm not sure for who, though. It might end up being so for me at the end of the day. Let's find out!

When anybody's ever asked me if I know Chris Cappello, I've always said, well, "yeah." He's a nice, polite kid who loves music and can write like it's nobody's business. However, when I listen to an album of Chris', I can't help but feel like I really don't know him. Who is this angry, sad dude? I've never met him! He sounds like nothing but bad days and clenched teeth.

Honestly, when I first read the title Could Be Bitter Forever, I had a bit of a giggle. I mean, look at that face! It's too cute to even have an ounce of bitterness harbored behind it, right? Well, after giving a listen to a handful of tracks here, I'm convinced Chris really could be bitter forever. Forever is a long time, but just look at one of Cappello's direct influences, Conor Oberst. That guy is well into his 30s, and he's not exactly shitting rainbows or anything. A Tom Waits-style emotional weather forecast would predict nothing but rainy days for that dude.

Even though Chris' music seems to be advocating a similar path of emotional darkness, I keep getting "snapped" back into reality; because the truth is this isn't the Chris I know. I'd also be willing to go out on a limb here and say his life isn't exactly this dramatic most of the time. However, I suppose that's what makes someone a worthwhile artist, right? Talented singer-songwriters channel something; they can bring the idea of a feeling to life, and do it to the point where the listener feels it as well. Chris may not be sad all the time--and that's a ridiculous expectation--but he portrays this emotion vividly across eleven tracks of weeping violins and guitars. Oh, and don't forget the seething lyrics! Enjoy!