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Thundercat - "Oh Sheit It's X"

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Bass master Thundercat has dropped yet another track from his sophomore full-length, which is on the way soon via Brainfeeder records. The track's title is "Oh Sheit It's X," and it's led to yet another moment where I'm left wondering how good this album is actually going to be.

Thundercat's first album took on many of the same funk and jazz fusion influences the song above does, but translated them into something futuristic, intergalactic thanks to production help from longtime collaborator Flying Lotus.

This new cut takes a lot of the same funk tropes, but shoots for something more tongue-in-cheek than progressive. Thundercat's vocals seem almost parody-like in their delivery, and describe what seems to be a somewhat awkward and drug-induced night on the dancefloor. It all comes to a head with the statement of, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh, shit! I fucked up!"

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