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Daftside Remixes Random Access Memories

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I know Nicolas Jaar isn't the most orthodox of producers, and made a ballsy move when remixing Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno on the same 12" earlier this year; however, I'm not sure anything Nick has done so far could have prepared me for this!

Mixing the name "Daft Punk" with the name of Jaar side-project "Darkside," Daftside takes every single track from the new Daft Punk album and remixes it in a strange, textured, and warped experience--a lot of the album's original funk still remains, though. While the remixes showcase some seriously passion for the music Daft Punk presented on RAM earlier this year, I wonder if keeping the "Lose Yourself To Dance" two seconds long is a statement of some sort.

Either way, the fact that Daftside was able to take tracks like these and bring them into a completely different realm shows focus, vision, and creativity. These aren't your average remixes. Enjoy, and check a review for RAM below: