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Mariam The Believer - "Invisible Giving"

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Mariam The Believer is the musical pseudonym of singer-songwriter Mariam Wallentin. You might already know her for her vocal work in the incredibly percussive Wildbirds and Peacedrums. On a personal note, I've always enjoyed Mariam's soulful and emotive voice, but felt the music Wildbirds and Peacedrums put out only went so far with its emphasis on bare essentials.

However, the music coming from this new solo project of her's is surprisingly dark, atmospheric, and layered. I'm really enjoying what the track "Invisible Giving" delivers. It's a 7-minute mini-epic that moves through multiple phases. Of course, Mariam's voice is the star of this slightly lo-fi show, and it's very worthy of the pedestal. The vocals and winding guitar chord progressions here make for an intense listen that are making me want to repeat this song again and again just to soak in anything I might have missed.

The track "Invisible Giving" will be one of many featured on Mariam The Believer's debut solo LP, Blood Donation. The album is looking at an October 7th release on Moshi Moshi.