The Needle Drop

TEEN - "Carolina"


Flowers: that's the physical theme of Brooklyn indie pop outfit TEEN's new video for the title track from the Carolina EP they released last month. The video follows performance artist Megha Barnabas, who also holds director credits, as she prances through crowded areas handing flowers to various individuals. With the attire to fit, a vibrantly colored dress covered entirely in flower patterns, Barnabas' image is eccentric yet inviting. Perhaps the most rewarding moments in the clip are those in which the camera shows the reactions of those whom Barnabas approaches, which range from genuinely enthusiastic facial expressions of the flower recipients to the slightly awkward ones of those who turn her down. With the help of the charm Barnabas radiates as she dances throughout the city, the video effectively matches the fun-loving and somewhat whimsical nature of the song with its bright quirkiness.

Check out the video above via the Carpark Records YouTube channel.