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Holy Ghost! - "Teenagers In Heat" (LOVED)

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Some strong, melodic, and catchy dance pop from the guys in Holy Ghost! on the song streaming above, "Teenagers In Heat."

It's a track that's been co-produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and I think the band's direction on this song is pretty interesting. It's just as pop-oriented as one would expect if you've heard the band's debut LP, but Holy Ghost! seems to be shedding a bit of that post-punk and DFA-centered edginess that made their debut a little aggressive.

Instead, they're embracing their new wave side, " target="_blank">which they've done before, but they're coming through with much more melody this time around; they're coloring their songs with numerous synth layers for a prettier impression.

The vocals are still really emotive, and the groove is undeniable as well! Enjoy!

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