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James Ferraro - "Eternal Condition / Stuck 2"

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Soundsmith James Ferarro offers this single off of his upcoming project with a terrifying name, NYC, Hell 3:00. The song begins with what sounds like a lo-fi version of something off of Zomby's newest LP, combining dark dread with rolling trap high-hats. Ferraro's vocals enter, sounding more self-loathing than anything he has ever recorded. His vocals are almost like Low's Alan Sparhawk, recorded in a one-room apartment on a Radioshack mic. The second part of the song combines a moaning drone and some frantic police communication. It appears that Ferraro's upcoming album might be some of the darkest music he has ever released (and this is from a man who released Far Side Virtual, the soundtrack of a dystopian future where all music is made on Garageband for the purpose of being played in a salesroom).