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Jonathan Rado - "Hand In Mine"

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Hot on the heels of being signed by Jagjaguwar records and releasing a really enjoyable album under the name of the songwriting duo known as Foxygen, Jonathan Radio is about to drop a new LP on Woodist under his own name. The title: Law and Order. The album is coming out September 3rd, and I was pretty psyched at the prospect considering how much I've loved Jonathan's contributions in Foxygen. However, the track "Hand In Mine" doesn't offer much beyond what I've already heard from artists like Adam Green. His recent collaboration with Binki Shapiro comes to mind, actually:

Jonathan and Green are obviously pulling from a lot of the same inspirations, but the singing on "Hand In Mine" feels noticeably sloppy--and not in a flattering way. The vocal melodies aren't exactly hitting me either, which might have to do with the somewhat listless vocal deliveries. Whatever Law and Order delivers, I hope it's better than this.

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