The Needle Drop

Mick Jenkins - "Lack"

Videosalex nicollComment

This video is from a track off of Mick Jenkin's mixtape, Trees & Truth. Mick hails from Chicago, and affects the same cold stare and disaffected voice as those from the drill scene, but spits over soul beats that sound like something Ka or Roc Marciano would cook up on an MPC, and avoids the cliche violence of the Chi-town for something more interesting. He comes across as dangerous and intelligent, the man who would both talk about revolution and then actually incite it. The video keeps this vibe intact: Mick, dressed in an all black suit, follows a man while rapping and at the start of the second verse grabs the man and begins to rap in his face. It's as if Mick Jenkins is a street preacher who can't stay polite, and has to resort to physical means to get his points across. Enjoy!