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Morgan Delt - "Barbarian Kings"/ "Make My Grey Brain Green"

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk2 Comments

Morgan Delt is definitely giving off some serious Sgt. Pepper's vibes with this track from his EP Psychic Death Hole.

"Barbarian Kings" has that feeling like everything is being played backwards, or time has been forced to stop due to the pure psychedelic nature of this song. It certainly something The Beatles did with their strung out guitars creating that particular reversed noise, Delt takes it further here and embraces that type of sound with all of himself. Down to his vocals that hit a faded note making it feel as if his head is floating through the room entrancing you with its mysterious words, which is a bizarre analogy, but trust me on this one.

"Make My Grey Brain Green" takes it in a far more frantic direction, whirlpooling  a fantastic array of heavy reverb and lo-fi sounds into some satisfying and diverse jams. It takes it to the point where I am borderline hallucinating, but in a way that is utterly unique from "Barbarian Kings" in every way, especially structure and tempo. Morgan Delt is setting out a unique psychedelic style that prides itself on its ability to dig into your head and make you hear things you've never quite heard before, it's an incredibly exciting thing to hear.