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Pixies - "Bagboy"

Videosalex nicoll1 Comment

Indie rock legends Pixies release their first new music since 1992, the rocky cut "Bagboy." At the time of this blurb's writing, the top comment on the Youtube video is from user ExLionTamer13 and reads "First minute: "Oh no, I don't like this." Next 30 seconds: "Okay, this isn't so bad." Next three and half minutes: No more thoughts, just rocking the fuck out."

I couldn't have said it any better myself. This track may be without Francis Black's usual vocal acrobatics and Joey Santiago's jerky guitar riffage--and Kim Deal, too--but they make up for it with as much youthful energy as they still have. The video reflects that, showing a zitty 16-ish year old boy creating the havoc that most only dream of. Enjoy!