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The Underachievers - "The Proclamation" (LOVED)

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If you were to tell me that one of my favorite tracks of the year so far would prominently feature a sample of the Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter," I would say that's ridiculous. Damn, if New York hip-hop duo The Underachievers didn't turn it into one hell of a boom-bap beat and prove me wrong.

The classic soft sung background vocal from "Gimme Shelter" is a clear highlight of the track along with notable guitar riff as well, however the addition of a hard hitting drum beat underneath it all gives an extra edge that I didn't think the song was capable of having. Making the sample feel far more psychedelic on top of  what would otherwise be typical boom-bap production.

Of course members Issa Dash and AK go off in each of their verses, which are dense with wordplay and a message that truly speaks to the name of their project. Speaking on how all of their life people told them they wouldn't amount to anything because they were underachievers in school. It's a "look at me now" kind of track that may tread some of the same ground that similar artists have already covered, but these two do it with unparalleled technical skill and outstanding production that makes it shine on its own.

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