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Zorch - Zzoorrcchh

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The debut album from Austin-based electronic rock duo, Zorch, is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

The LP, titled Zzoorrcchh, is well-represented by its lead single, "We All Die Young," which is reminiscent of Bromst-era Dan Deacon, but with some added punk and chiptune zest. The album is an onslaught of eccentric vocalizations and glitchy, effervescent electronics that blare and skitter across the album's nine tracks, which range anywhere from 58 seconds to nearly ten minutes in length. Undeniably, the duo have an enormous energy about them that is sure to leave some listeners trying to catch their breath before the end of the disc's seemingly easy-to-surmount 40-minute runtime.

Zzoorrcchh is due out on July 23rd via Sargent House.