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PJ Harvey - “Shaker Aamer”

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Singer-songwriter PJ Harvey is no stranger to speaking her mind about whatever is ailing the world today. That was actually one of the largest selling points of her last full-length album, Let England Shake, which you can catch a review for far down below.

Lyrically, PJ forgoes her usual poetics for some pretty straightforward descriptions of the situation at hand, mentioning feeding tubes, hunger strikes, guards, and a restraining chair. Sonically, tune is pretty sound. The guitars and pained vocals will surely entice fans of Let England Shake--even if the vocal reverb is a little overbearing at times.

It's the message that's emphasized here, obviously. Even the title is in reference to a British National who is currently being held at the camp. Though I don't think this is one of Harvey's most dazzling songs, I am glad to hear someone in the music community commenting on this.