The Needle Drop

YC The Cynic - "Murphy's Law"


East Coast MC YC The Cynic confronts a myriad of different topics in this new single titled "Murphy's Law," which is accompanied by some pretty straightforward visuals. Think of it as an "I Don't Like"-style dance party for people with bachelor's degrees. Not to make what YC does seem dumbed down, though.

As you may already know, this guy runs in the same circle as Milo. After all, he dropped a pretty nice verse on Cavalcade earlier this year. However, YC definitely pursues something much more moody and nocturnal in comparison to that tape. His constantly shifting flow, grimy percussion, and choppped & screwed vocal cuts actually remind me a bit of that recent Underachievers project, but with lyrics that seem to shoot for something a little more heady. Enjoy!