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Hot Sugar - Made Man EP

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Beatsmith Hot Sugar has always had a quirkier style than most when it comes to production, and it's great to hear him enlist a gauntlet of MCs that compliment it on his new Made Man EP. Now, is this thing really an EP? I mean, it's got ten tracks, and it's almost forty minutes long. It's almost longer than one of my favorite albums of this year...

Whatever, either way Hot Sugar delivers with some beats that feature some great grooves, colorful synths, and some intentionally low-budget textures. I like that this dude's instrumentals feel intentionally damaged and grimy, but are also pretty light in mood as well. Made Man is just straight fun.

Also, give a listen to this thing if you're looking for some new verses from Open Mike Eagle, Heems, KOOL A.D., Big Baby Gandhi, or Antwon. Enjoy!

Also, feel free to check a video for the EP cut "Erica" below: