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Laurel Halo - "Ainnome"

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Hyperdub oddity Laurel Halo has a new record coming out, following last year's very special Quarantine. This new track, the penultimate on the LP, feels quite removed from her prior electro-pop experiments. It has a steady repetitive beat, a pretty familiar-feeling bassline, and really nothing too strange. Even Halo's vocals--which was such an integral part of Quarantine's blueprint--are completely effaced. What we are left with though is a nicely produced techno piece, divided fairly neatly into three parts. Maybe it's a bit underwhelming for those who loved her previous work, but I am still quite intrigued by what Halo is doing.

Stream it above via SoundCloud, and look for Laurel Halo's new album Chance of Rain on October 28 via Hyperbud.