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Throwing Muses - "Sunray Venus"

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You'll be forgiven for not remembering who Throwing Muses are. A group of young alternative rockers that released a few pretty good albums in the 80s and 90s on 4AD--the first U.S. band to be signed to that label, in fact)--today they are much less active. Lead singer/songwriter Kristin Hersh has released a long string of solo albums, which are definitely worth checking out--especially 1993's Hips and Makers--but the band has now decided to release Purgatory/Paradise. It's their first album of new material in about ten years. Dominated by double-tracked guitars, steady drums, and Hersh's definitive rasp, new song "Sunray Venus" is a great reintroduction to the band. The way Hersh delivers the line "Hell, I remember you" with so much curdling scorn is proof that neither she (nor her band) has lost their touch.

The 32-track (!) Purgatory/Paradise is out November 11 via It Books.