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Marissa Nadler - "Dead City Emily"

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Massachusetts Singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler is about ready to release July, the follow-up to her mini-album The Sister from 2012. "Dead City Emily" is the first song to drop from it, and it basically gives us what we have come to expect: deftly plucked guitars, poetic lyrics, and ghostly beautiful vocals. Nadler has a knack for adding little touches to her songs that sound just perfect, such as the light synth washes and vibraphones (or steel drum?) that flit through this song. The album was produced Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth), and if this song is any proof, it will be a dark, cavernous, spectral listen.

July is out on February 10 via Sacred Bones, her first release since 2009 that is not being self-released, and first on this label.