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scallops hotel - poplar grove (or how to rap with a hammer)

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You know that Milo-affiliated hip hop project I eluded to last week? Well, it's out, and streaming on Bandcamp right now for your listening pleasure. Milo, Busdriver, Iglooghost, ELOS, Jincallo and Lee Bannon all handled production, and Riley Lake oversaw some of Milo's instrumental efforts. Lake also mixed this thing!

There doesn't seem to be a huge difference between this project and Milo's regular solo output when it comes to flow and personality. He even goes on to make references to his personal experiences, so there's no effort to create an entirely new persona here--not that I'm advocating that.

The most apparent change in pace here is the pitch-shifting effects being placed on Milo's voice, bringing his raps a few semitones lower than you're probably used to if you've been following his releases up until this point--especially since one track here is a slowed-down version of a previously released track. If there's any kind of vibe I'm getting off of this project so far, for Milo, or, err, scallops hotel, this collection of tracks is especially scatterbrained and austere. Enjoy!