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Have A Nice Life - "Defenestration Song"

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Have A Nice Life is a mysterious musical project.

Well, it's not really that mysterious since duo member Dan Barrett seems to be so open and down-to-earth in interviews, but even with that being the case, the music feels like it's coming from some otherworldly realm that's difficult to pinpoint. That holds true for this new track as well--even with its influences being worn on its sleeve, which is attached to a hooded robe.

The sounds of Joy Division and Bauhaus ring loudly throughout the first portion of "Defenestration Song," but the track progresses into something much more dark, brooding, and droney. The song gets so boomy, there isn't much more that sticks out other than a steady snare drum. It's a truly hellish track without coming off too harsh or desperate to prove its ferocity. It's a chilling darkness that slowly smothers.

It's great to hear the project back up and running, officially following up the 2008's Deathconsciousness, which slowly gains more notoriety every year for its uncompromisingly dark approach to drone, post-punk, and shoegaze.

This new HANL album is dropping officially this February via The Fensler. Enjoy!