The Needle Drop

Holly Herndon - "Chorus"


Electronic music experimentalist Holly Herndon has a new 12" that's dropping this week via RVNG Intl. titled "Chorus." As to be expected, this track is loaded with some adventurous vocal manipulations bustling percussion. It's hard to put this track into words, it's hard to make sense of it, it's hard to pin down exactly what's going on here. All I can truly say is I feel as if I'm being surrounded with a swarm of sounds I can't grab onto long enough to truly get a feel for. That might not sound appealing on the surface, but I assure that this so-called swarm comes together in the most beautiful way possible.

Also, props to Akihiko Taniguchi on the direction of this video attached to "Chorus," and check a review for Herndon's latest full-length LP below: