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Timber Timbre - "Hot Dreams"

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The eerie Taylor Kirk-led singer-songwriter project Timber Timbre drops a steamy new single titled "Hot Dreams." The forthcoming album it's featured on has the same title, too.

I love the slow, retro balladry going on here. It's the perfect setting for Kirk's voice. He's always had a knack for channeling the past, but doing something subtly weird with it. In the case of "Hot Dreams," it's the sexual lyricism, which is matched with a pretty NSFW music video--uh, unless you work at a strip club.

While the words here express a lot of lust, there's a lot of affection and devotion to balance it out, too. It's an all-around beautiful track. Maybe one of Timber Timbre's least creepy expressions of love as of late--if you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to this.

Look for Hot Dreams on April 1st, Check a review for Timber Timbre's last album below: