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Wild Beasts - "Wanderlust"

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Operatic indie rockers Wild Beasts have returned with their new single, "Wanderlust", from Present Tense, the follow-up to their incredible and sexy 2011 LP, Smother. With a relentless, driving drum beat, the song sees the group moving farther from their dramatic beginnings, favoring something a bit more streamlined. Singer Hayden Thorpe still shows off his divisive, emotive, warbling voice, and the song ends in a repetitive, beautiful bridge. The video that accompanies a cast of disparate characters running and walking, growing more hysteric throughout, as they each mouth Thorpe's declaration of "Don't confuse me with someone who gives a fuck." It's odd, but also oddly moving.

Watch the video above, and look out for Present Tense on February 24, via Domino.