The Needle Drop

Girl Band - "Lawman"


You should know about Girl Band - they're a noisy-as-all-get-out post-punk outfit hailing from Dublin. They have a new video out for their latest single, "Lawman," which at over six minutes, shows off the band's prowess in working with repetitive grooves. The video is appropriately dank, shot in B&W in a dark, featureless room through what looks to be a low-quality security camera. The visuals become very staticky as the members start going apeshit on their respective instruments towards the backend of the song. You, too, can lose your mind to their music; just click that play button right up there and enjoy!

You can download "Lawman" (as well as its very breezy B-side "Heckle the frames") for free via the group's Bandcamp.