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Ramona Lisa - "Arcadia"

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Charlift's Caroline Polachek is releasing her solo debut, Arcadia, this April, except she's doing it under the alias Ramona Lisa. She has released the title track, and be warned: This is a weird song, with almost nothing to do with her main band's bouncy electropop. Ice cold synth drones cyclically wash over the speakers for over two minutes before Polachek even begins to sing, and when she does, it brings with it nothing really resembling a hook. This is not "I Belong In Your Arms" Polachek. Hell, this isn't even "Ceiling Wax" Polachek. This is something else. Polachek recorded the entire album without instruments, instead using MIDI sounds, and did not use external microphones for the voice. That all makes perfect sense after this song, which is intriguing, even while it leaves me a little colder than I was hoping.

Arcadia comes out April 15 via Terrible Records.