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Army Of The Pharoahs - In Death Reborn

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Army of the Pharaohs are back with a new album, In Death Reborn.

If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, they’re a long-running rap crew featuring the talents of Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric, and more—way, way more. They’ve got a bit of a revolving door of members over the years, and it’s actually added to the appeal of the group’s music.

Army of the Pharaohs’ primary objective is ruthless verse delivered by a train of lethal MCs on a series of hard-hitting instrumentals. Simple enough, right?

It’s a formula the project as stuck pretty passionately to for four records now. I’m not gonna say this is their best—because that’s definitely up for debate—but this’ll unquestionably be some of the grimiest rap you hear this year.